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Smooth transition

Physical therapy lets patients move on to connected gym

By Maddie Cogan, Tribune intern

Tri-State Rehab Services and Preferred Fitness offers a “wide variety” of services to community members, including physical therapy and gym memberships.

Owner and physical therapist Joe Isaac saw a need for a physical therapy facility in Ironton after working at Kings Daughter’s Medical Center in Ashland, Kentucky.

In January of 1998, Tri-State Rehab Services became the first private physical therapy practice in Ironton and was located on Park Avenue. Since then, the facility has moved to its current location at 711 S. 3rd St. and has expanded three times.

Ironton native Joe Isaac credits the success of Tri-State Rehab Services and Preferred Fitness to his staff and community members.

“The Ironton area community has been very supportive,” he said. “The opportunity has been absolutely amazing.”

With a passion for people, Isaac wants patients to “see tangible results and return to activities that make life more enjoyable again.”

Physical therapy covers more than sports-related injuries. Tri-State Rehab Services can help treat neck pain, back pain, orthopedic injury, or “anything you can think of,” according to Isaac.

When patients are finished with physical therapy, they can purchase a gym membership through Preferred Fitness, which is connected to the same building.

This allows for a “smooth transition” from physical therapy to “maintain the level of function.”

Gym members and patients alike can expect “a personal, one-on-one experience from a highly qualified professional” when coming to Tri-State Rehab Services and Preferred Fitness.

Between six locations, Tri-State Rehab Services and Preferred Fitness has “about 50” staff members.

“We’ve got great people here,” Isaac said. “The people here are what make the difference.”

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