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OUS student art, lit book published

‘Envoi’ compiles broad arrays of works

Ohio University Southern has published the latest edition of Envoi, a collection of poetry, photography and art created by students of the Southern Campus.

“The subject matter in this volume are as broad and diverse as our students,” said Sarah Diamond Burroway, director of External Relations for OUS. “There is poetry that is reflective of everyday life, there are some pieces that are more conceptual. And I think that it is just representative of the themes and concepts our student writers are focused on.”

She said that this volume of Envoi gives an overview of the students at OUS.

“There are some pieces that reflect our region of Appalachian Ohio, there are pieces about anxiety and depression, there is a piece about opioids and other drugs in our region,” she said. “There is poetry about their aspirations, their hopes and dreams for the future. Anywhere that our students are in their lives, I think you will see it reflected in the pages.”

The latest edition was made possible by a small grant from the Ohio Arts Council.

Dr. Hayley Mitchell Haugen, who teaches composition, American Literature, and creative writing at OUS, coordinates the student-writing project every year and was the editor of written pieces in the book. Tom Suter, a recently retired art lecturer at the regional campus, served as art editor.

300 copies were printed by Ohio University Printing Services and features works from the last several years.

“Having the publication is just one way we can showcase our students’ work,” Burroway said. “It is another opportunity for our student artists to have some of their work available to the public.”

Individuals interested in receiving a copy may contact the faculty office at 740-533-4540.

There were dozens of students involved in producing the book.

English students Amber Coffee, Chynna Pearson and Holly Stephens volunteered as poetry editors. They selected 68 poems written by 25 students for inclusion in the publication. Coffee also assisted Haugen in the volume’s production.

Photography and art created by six students was also selected for inclusion in Envoi.
Students involved in the creation of content for the book included: Matt Ferguson, Breanna Bailey, Lauren Ball, Brian Bellomy, Tristan Bradley, Logan Hawthorne, Krystal Cooper, Dana Doss, Tyler Grubbs, Aaron Hanshaw, Jessica Higgins, Jarrod Schneider, Leslie Hock, Denise Hughes, Erin Jenkins, Rachel McWharter, Shalyn Miller, Brenna Morris, Madison Nelson, Kristin Pancake, Anna Payne, Charles Elkins, Dakota Taylor, Amy Smith, S. B. Webb, Viktor Wolfe, Megan Cox and Chelsea Yapp.

The cover art is a digital photograph entitled Duality, which was created by Hannah Jackson.