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Demolition time

Buildings being razed to make way for new hotel

Buildings are coming down around the Gateway Centre in Ironton in preparation for the construction of the new TownPlace Suites by Marriott hotel.

Crews are demolishing residences and cutting down trees on the block of South Eighth, South Ninth, Washington and Adams streets in preparation of pouring concrete pads that will be the foundation of the new $16 million hotel. The new hotel will be across the street from the Holiday Inn Express.

“We’re excited about the new development,” said Ironton Mayor Katrina Keith. “It helps in strengthening our economy.”

She said Holiday Inn Express already brings in 150 people a day to the area who are buying goods in Ironton, and that it is estimated that it brings in over $300 into the local economy every day they stay in a hotel.

“Every overnight stay is $348,” Keith said, citing a report from the Ohio Department of Tourism. “It’s kind of two-fold. Yes, it helps economic development, but it also helps with tourism. We’re providing jobs and we are providing rooms for people who want to stay and visit. When they visit, they put money into our economy.”

The new hotel is being built by MPH Hotels, which owns the Holiday Inn Express. Mike Holtz, president of MPH Hotels, said the reason that the company is building a second hotel in Ironton is because of business.

“There is a lot of new industry coming into town. And we’ve been very impressed with the business at our existing hotel,” Holtz said. “It’s doing extremely well. And quite frankly, we are turning away a lot of business.”

TownPlace Suites will be a five-story building with 76 rooms, an indoor pool and an exercise room.

It is geared more towards people doing long-term stays with bigger beds, full-size freezer and refrigerator, smart televisions and stove top burners.

The new hotel will create 30-35 permanent jobs plus about 200 jobs during the year-long construction period.