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NBA has 14-second rebound shot clock

NEW YORK (AP) — The shot clock will be reset to 14 seconds after offensive rebounds next season, down from 24, and the NBA has made alterations to two other rules.
The clear-path foul was simplified and the definition of a hostile act expanded for purposes of triggering an instant replay review.
The changes were approved unanimously by NBA owners Friday.
A team grabbing the rebound of its own missed shot has been given the full shot clock. Under the new rule — in effect in the NBA G League since 2016-17 and international basketball since 2014-15 — the clock will go to 14 after an offensive rebound of a missed shot or free throw that hit the rim; when a loose ball foul is called on the defensive team following a missed field goal or free throw that hit the rim; or when the offensive team gets the ball after it goes out of bounds after a missed field goal or free throw that hit the rim.
Referees will no longer need to make judgment calls whether a defender was between (or had the opportunity to be between) the offensive player with the transition scoring opportunity and the basket in order for a clear-path foul.