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Candidate protests state mailer

COLUMBUS (AP) — A Republican candidate for the Ohio Legislature is protesting a mailer from the state GOP party, calling it inaccurate and not reflecting his values as a candidate.

Erik Yassenoff is competing against Democrat Allison Russo in the 24th House district. The Columbus Dispatch reports the state GOP sent a mailer supporting Yassenoff that attempts to link the first-time candidate Russo to past job losses and state budget struggles.

Yassenoff sent a letter to Ohio Republican Party Chair Jane Timken Wednesday protesting the  mailer’s content — calling it inaccurate and distracting from his “positive, policy-focused campaign.”

Party spokesman Blaine Kelly says “the mailer is fair and we stand by it.”

Democratic candidate for the 6th District Phil Robinson says an identical mailer with his name on it was also sent out.