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Feeding of the 500

While most people are planning for Halloween, Harvest for the Hungry is now looking for donations to help feed hundreds of needy families this Thanksgiving.

The food pantry has a goal of making sure that 500 local families have a turkey and all the trimmings for a proper Thanksgiving meal.

The sad statistic is that around 33 percent of the population of Ironton is on some kind of public assistance and stretching a dollar is always hard, let alone trying to set aside money for a big holiday meal.

Harvest for the Hungry is asking for money, not food, because they are a part of a network that can buy in bulk and get food at a discounted rate, thus getting more bang for their buck.

We commend Harvest for the Hungry for their daily mission of helping the food-deprived and ask for everyone to kick in some money to help their special mission.

Donations are needed by Nov. 8. Check out their Facebook page for more information.