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Finley would provide positive change

Like many of you reading this — I hope I never find myself in the Court of Common Pleas.

I am a business owner, living in Lawrence County, whose only legal flaw is a bit of a lead foot on U.S. 52. Unlike commissioners and trustees, you never plan to cross paths with a judge…until you do.

Throughout this campaign, I’ve read over and over again “jury trails, jury trials, jury trials,” but, to your average, hardworking Lawrence Countian, that’s the last thing on your mind.

Walk with me through a few scenarios that you may have not considered before you cast your vote for judge — scenarios that personify this position. It’s not just the drug addicts and felons who go in front of the common pleas judge.

PICTURE THIS: Your sister is going through a messy divorce. She is battling for custody of your niece and nephew, all while being forced to share the most intimate details of her marriage in a room full of men. Not only is it important to have a balance with the party affiliations in the general division (Current Judge Andrew Ballard is a Democrat, while retiring Judge Chuck Cooper is a Republican), but, in my opinion, there is value to having a balance in gender. I strongly believe Christen Finley is a needed asset to the judicial system in Lawrence County. Her extension experience in domestic relations is absolutely necessary for this position.

PICTURE THIS: Your elderly parents are on their way home from a high school football game and are struck by an impaired driver. Your father is airlifted to a local hospital with serious injuries. When you’re sitting in court on the day of sentencing, you want the judge who is qualified and tough. Christen Finley strongly believes in personal accountability. Her conservative family values are much needed in a county leadership role.

Lawrence County is home. It’s always been home, and no matter where this life takes me — it always will be home. My “home” has an amazing opportunity in front of them on Nov. 6. The opportunity for positive change, innovative ideas, and new leadership. Please join with me in voting Finley for Judge.


Amy Frasure, South Point