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Editorial: Entering the final stretch

With just four days to go, the 2018 general election will be behind us, giving voters a break from the nonstop barrage of negative television ads, postal flyers and other advertisements from candidates.

We have been fortunate in Lawrence County that, for the most part, the campaign for local offices has remained positive, with candidates working more to get their message out there, rather than focusing on demonizing their opponents.

In the frustration many feel with the campaign process, it sometimes gets taken for granted that, as Americans, we are fortunate to elect our leaders and we would like to take this time to commend all who put their names on the ballot.

Running for office requires a great deal of work, from appearing at candidate forums, building relationships with the press, appearing at local events and getting to know the people of the county.

Just the process of going door to door alone is a major task, meeting strangers blind and asking for their vote.

We applaud the candidates for their commitment, which can take a good year or two, that they make in seeking office.

We are also thankful for all the statewide officeseekers who took the time to visit Lawrence County this year.

While our region may not be packed in population, it is good to know that those who will be working in Columbus showed an interest here, shared their message and listened to local concerns.

From both candidates for governor to those running for state auditor, secretary of state, treasurer and U.S. senator, Lawrence County got to see many of these names first hand.

And now it is your turn.

Participation in our elections is vital to our democracy and officials are only held accountable by those who decide whether they stay on the job, or replace them with an alternative.

Please be sure to make your voice heard on Tuesday and vote.