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Thank you, Cecil

On Saturday, you read about South Point veteran Cecil Daniels. You read about how eight brothers all served our country from World War II through the Vietnam War. Those Daniels brothers accounted for 107 and a half years. Remarkably they all returned home alive.

“All eight of us were raised in South Point with the same mother and father,” Cecil, age 89, told The Tribune. Cecil was so proud of his family. He should be. Everyone should be.
Cecil told us only he and Howard are still alive. What a shame.

What a family.

The eight brothers from oldest to youngest are:

• Henry-Army private -World War II (2 years)

• Arvis-chief in the Navy World War II (24 years)

• Ervin-Navy during World War II (30 years)

• Earl-chief in the Navy during World War II (20 years)

• Cecil -Korean War-Air Force ( 3 years)

• Howard-Air Force (20 years)

• Jarvis-Air Force (5.5 years)

• Dave- Army (3 years)

This family is remarkable. This family is why you love Appalachia.

If you see Cecil today or any day, please say thank you to him. Thank him for him and his brothers protecting us. Thank him for his parents instilling such patriotism and dedication in his entire family. Thank him for being a role model to generations of people.

Thank him for being free.

Thank you, Cecil.