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Suit filed for Minford students in federal court

Claims of sexual abuse on overnight trip

MINFORD — A lawsuit has been filed in a federal court on behalf of students from Minford Middle School who claim they were sexually and physically abused by other students on an overnight trip to a leadership camp in October.

According to a press release from the law firm of McBrayer, McGinnis, Leslie & Kirkland, the abuse claims stem from a three-day field trip to the Tim Horton Camp Kentahten in Campbellville, Kentucky from Oct. 15-17.

The case is being investigated by the Kentucky State Police since the incidents are alleged to have happened in Kentucky although the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office assisted in interviewing some of the alleged victims.

The school superintendent sent a letter to parents saying that some of the alleged perpetrators have been identified and disciplined for unspecified actions. The number of victims or students disciplined has not been released.

The lawsuit alleges that the school system failed to adequately train the teacher chaperones and they failed to monitor and protect the students.

Among the allegations are that minors were sexually harassed, assaulted and attacked by other juveniles, some on multiple occasions, in cabins occupied by students and teachers.

The victims claimed they informed teachers but they failed to prevent further assaults.

The suit also claims that the teachers failed to inform law enforcement, parents or take other reasonable actions to protect the victims.

The lawsuit was filed in U.S. Federal District Court. The victims’ attorney is Bruce W. MacDonald.