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Seasonal safety advice

While the sights and lights add to the festive look of Christmas, some of them present an easily avoidable, unsafe situation.

The Ironton Fire Department is offering tips to keep the season safe.

When buying a real tree to decorate for Christmas, it should be one that has been freshly cut and has tight needles. When you get it home, cut two inches off the bottom of the tree to allow it to absorb water. And a live tree needs about a gallon and half of water a day to keep it from drying out. Never set a tree too close to a heat source, especially a fire place.

Artificial trees should be UL-approved and labeled as fire resistant.

When it comes to lights, never use indoor lights in the outdoors and make sure wires are not cracked or frayed. Keep outside decorations that use electricity out of the rain and snow. Use electrical tape to cover plug openings to keep out moisture.

Many decorations and electronics use batteries. Lithium batteries will burn violently if exposed to water. Make sure that all batteries and devices that use them are kept dry and stored properly.

A danger to small children and pets are the button type batteries. If swallowed, they can choke. If they make it inside the body, the batteries can short out and cause life threatening damage to internal organs or death from the heat or poisons the batteries will release.

So let’s all use a little common safety and keep this Christmas season merry and safe.