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Chesapeake students create unconventional Christmas trees

CHESAPEAKE — A display of unconventional Christmas trees, made by Chesapeake High School art students, has been on display at the high school since the beginning of the month.

Robin Kimball, art teacher at the high school, said she began having her students complete the project around nine years ago.

“It’s just a fun project that I think the students really enjoy completing,” she said. “I try to tell them to use things that they don’t have to buy or pay for; just things that they might have around the house. Something that they can make repetitive to be interesting.”

Art students in grades 9-12 complete the unconventional Christmas tree project, and this year’s batch contained trees using Reese’s cups, sea shells, crayons, yarn, pennies, Coca-Cola bottles, feathers, pins, straws, Jolly Ranchers, bottle caps and more.