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Increase in city fees is display of poor leadership

We, the undersigned, wish to state our total disgust with the Ironton City Council. On Saturday, Dec. 15, the council passed several ordinances to increase the stormwater fee, wastewater fee, municipal fee, water fee, create a flood prevention fee and create an economic development fee.

So you enacted all these fees due to your ineptness in managing the city. Shame on each and every one of you!

Let me provide you with some information about surrounding communities. In South Point, residents are charged $50 per month for water, sewage and garbage………and, yes, this includes unlimited water. In Portsmouth, the rates are much cheaper than Ironton.

For example, if your usage is 2,000 gallons of water each month, you pay $50 for water, sewage and garbage. If you use 4,000 gallons each month, your water and sewage is $47.54 and your garbage is $20.

Where have you been? A desire to hire an economic development director is quite late. Look how deplorable the downtown business section remains — empty storefronts, dirty and unkempt businesses and filthy alleys. Is this an atmosphere to entice a new business? I don’t think so.

Also, we have many properties that are dilapidated, abandoned, grass not cut, and trash existing in and around the premises. Where is enforcement of city codes? We have numerous streets that are in poor condition and others with many potholes.

Why are landlords not held accountable to pay the water bills on their rental property? I have been told that over $300,000 presently exists in unpaid water bills throughout the city. Some residents are allowed to make “partial” payments. This should stop immediately! Where is accountability?

It may be necessary to reduce or eliminate our police department and allow the sheriff’s department to patrol Ironton. Also, it may require a reduction at the fire department.

Some serious decisions need to be made; however, do not place the burden on the taxpayers of the city with hikes in fees or additional fees. We have had enough! It would be wise to consult with residents and allow them to express their ideas.

We desperately need dedicated and intelligent leaders to manage this city………… and that we are lacking.


Missy Banks, Ironton