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Library to have ham radio event

Presentation set for Saturday, Jan. 19

For those interested in learning about ham radio, members of the Southern Ohio Amateur Radio Association (SOARA) and Lawrence County, Ohio Amateur Radio Association Emergency Service (ARES) members will have a presentation called “HAM Radio – From Across the Street to Outer Space” from 2-3 p.m. on Jan. 19 at the Briggs Lawrence County Public Library in Ironton.

For those interested in amateur, or ham, radio, the presentation will explain what it is about and how to become a licensed amateur radio operator.

The radio operators help the community by utilizing ham radio in emergencies and community events like the annual Ironton-Lawrence Memorial Day Parade and even can talk to astronauts orbiting the earth.

Joseph Jenkins, director of the Briggs Lawrence County Public Library, said they are very excited to showcase amateur radio here in Lawrence County with the one-hour presentation

“Ham radio is a very diversified hobby for all ages from the young to our senior citizens, for those who are highly technical and those who are interested in making friends around the world,” he said. “I am hopeful that this introduction to ham radio is just the beginning of future programs that the Briggs Lawrence County Public Library will be hosting at branches across Lawrence County.”

Eddie Jenkins, N8URU Lawrence County ARES coordinator said the introduction to ham radio and ARES will provide background information and real emergency events where ham radio was relied on here in Lawrence County.

“The discussion will accent emergency conditions that would require the use of ham radio when there is a total communications failure of telephone, commercial radio, television, cell phone, and web access,” Jenkins said. “When all else fails, there is amateur radio.”

Tim Nicely, AC9VQ, President of SOARA, said brochures and handouts would be available about amateur radio at this free event.

“This a fun event that is open to the public of all ages, from children to seniors, and encourages everyone who is interested in amateur radio to come out and experience and see firsthand what ham radio is all about and what happens during a communications emergency,” he said.

As part of the event, Mike Love, WB8YKS, public information officer for SOARA and ARES, said Tim Nicely, AC8VQ, the 2019 SOARA president and James Rowe, N8TVO, the 2018 SOARA president, will be making a donation from the SOARA members of the “ARRL Limited Edition Six-Volume Boxed Set of the 2019 ARRL Handbook” to Jenkins.