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Talking about a crisis

Huntington fire chief, Ironton High School and Ohio University Southern graduate Jan Rader was recently on CBS This Morning to promote her TED Talk about being compassionate in dealing with this area’s opioid crisis.

Rader became a prominent speaker about the drug problem in Huntington after the 2017 documentary, Heroin(e), appeared on Netflix. Since then, Rader has fielded calls from first responders and other people fighting the drug crisis in their communities.

She has appeared on several national television shows and even at the 2018 Oscars, always in uniform, all the while  continuing to be a working member of the Huntington Fire Department.

It takes everyone, at all levels, to stop this situation that has killed too many people and brought harm to too many families.

We commend Rader for continuing to be a calm and expert voice while bringing the spotlight to the continuing epidemic that plagues this, and too many other, areas.