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Writing still has value

In our digital world and with social media, we are more connected than ever.

However, this communication can, at times, be remote, impersonal and all too brief.

In many ways, heartfelt, thoughtful communication is becoming a lost art, replaced by a sea of textspeak and Facebook notifications.

Coming up later this month, from Jan. 14-20, is Universal Letter Writing Week.

Those behind this observance, the International Society of Friendship and Goodwill, have asked people to take the time to write a letter, by hand and express gratitude to someone who has contributed to their life.

Whether its to show appreciation for holiday gifts, gratitude for help or just a simple thank you for support in life, taking the time to make statement can help build feelings of good will.

There is a personal touch from a physical letter that can not be replicated by electronic means and such a message can be treasured as a keepsake, as opposed to the disposable nature of digital notifications.

And not only does a physical letter tell the subject they are valued, it helps the author as well.

According to Steven Toepfer, of Kent State University, those who write letters feel a greater sense of happiness in their life.

He surveyed 85 adults on the matter and found those who took the time to do so experience more positive feelings.

We encourage everyone to grab a pen a paper this month and take the time to show their thanks.