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South Point offers cemetery plots for sale

Property was purchased last year

SOUTH POINT — 50 plots in White Cottage are now available for sale, South Point Mayor Jeff Gaskin says.

The village purchased land next to the cemetery, which it maintains, last year and demolished a dilapidated home on the property.

“We have about $30,000 in this project,” Gaskin said, adding that the lots will be on sale for $1,000 each, giving the village the chance to make its money back and then some.

Gaskin said any extra money will go toward plans to put a wrought iron fence around the cemetery.

“It can help to finance that or it can be used as matching money for grants for it,” Gaskin said.
Council member Bill Patrick suggested the idea of a fence and has been inquiring about prices and exploring financing options.

The historic cemetery, located on Solida Road, has graves dating back as early as 1835, including Civil War veterans, he said.

“Our country was only 55 years old when they started burying people here,” Gaskin said.
The village has mowed the grass and kept the grounds up for the past 20 years.

“And we put flags on graves that we know belong to a veteran,” Gaskin said.
Gaskin said that Rick Slack, of Slack and Wallace Funeral Home, had been “a tremendous help” in marking out the plots.

He said this will give people an option to be buried at home.

“I want to be buried in my village,” Gaskin said. “When I spend my eternal rest, I want it to be in my South Point.”

He said 10 of the plots are already spoken for and that anyone interested in purchasing one can call the mayor’s office.

For information on this week’s meeting of South Point council, check out Friday’s edition of The Tribune.