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A needed middle ground

This week, CNN announced that they were hiring John Kasich as a senior political contributor for the network.

Kasich, who departed from the Ohio governor’s office after two terms in January, certainly has the resume for it, having previously served as House budget chair in the 1990s and being one of the most prominent voices of what was known as the “Republican Revolution” of that decade.

But, more importantly, Kasich has emerged as a valued moderate voice within in his own party.

Having refused to endorse his party’s nominee, Donald Trump, during the 2016 election, he has remained a critic of the more extreme parts of the rhetoric of the president, while supporting the policies where the two have common ground.

In our overly-polarized times, cable news has been dominated by voices who often operate under a philosophy of “party first, country second,” opposing everything that comes from across the aisle, while finding no wrong in politicians who have the same letter after their name for party identification.

It is our hope that Kasich will continue the message he has spread in recent years and will foster bipartisanship, showing a way that the two sides can work together for the good of the nation.