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To honor a strong worker

It takes dedication to stay on a job for multiple decades, but it is even more impressive when one stays at a company and works for 50 years.

This is the case for Mary Lou Jenkins, who recently marked five decades working in at Crystal Care Center of Coal Grove.

Jenkins, of Deering, who works in housekeeping at the home, which was named Sunset Nursing Center when she started, was treated to a party on Tuesday to mark her longevity on the job.

She started at the facility in housekeeping, then went to work as a nurse’s aide, before returning to the housekeeping job.

Jenkins said she enjoys her job and missed her co-workers and decided to un-retire about 15 years ago.

She was humble in being recognized, telling her co-workers they should not have put an event together. But she has earned the recognition.

In addition to her time on the job, her co-workers spoke highly of her, saying she goes out of her way to do her job.

We congratulate Jenkins on reaching this milestone. Crystal Care is fortunate to have such a committed worker on their staff.