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Vigilance pays off for all

This past weekend, the Proctorville Police Department made a drug bust, arresting a man who was said to be selling meth in the village.

Police were investigating reports of a car that they said would pull into a gas station parking lot, and then was observed receiving people, who would briefly come up to the car and leave.

When officers arrived to question the driver, they said the discovered a large bulge in his jacket, which turned out to be a baggie of crystal meth.

As a result, Douglas Radcliff, 61, Willow Wood was arrested and charged with trafficking in methamphetamine, a second-degree felony.

This bust could not have happened had it not been for the vigilance of residents.

Police were tipped off to the car after employees at the gas station saw the suspicious activity taking place.

While our law enforcement officers do a very thorough job watching for these types of criminal activies, they can not see everything or be everywhere.

It is by working as a community that we will beat the drug problem in our area.

We applaud the employees who took the time to contact police and bring this to their attention.