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Enduring the cold weather

This week brought brutally cold temperatures to the Tri-State, which have continued into today.

While it is expected to be milder by the weekend, odds are, we haven’t seen the last of Old Man Winter’s wrath this year.

Obviously, we prefer to stay indoors where it is warm, but for those who must go out, here are some tips for this weather:

— Reduce the amount of time skin is exposed to cold. Keep yourself covered while outside and keep time outdoors to a minimum.. Remember, it can take 20 minutes for skin to suffer damage from the cold.

— Do not leave pets outside: Like humans, animals can suffer frostbite when outside in low temperatures. Paws, noses and ears can be damaged from the cold.

—Keep your car prepared

There’s always a chance that you may break down or have an accident on the road and may need to get out of your vehicle. It is a good idea to keep a blanket, gloves, coat and other warm items in the vehicle for use.

— Know the signs of frostbite/hypothermia

Shivering and a blue discoloring are indicative that your body temperature is dropping and that you need to get indoors. Other signs of skin damage include chafing or red spots. If you don’t warm up within 30 minutes, seek medical attention.

— Be stocked up: In case power goes out in your home, keep extra food on hand this time of year. Bottled water, in case of pipes getting frozen is also a good idea.