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Running the halls of the school

Dawson-Bryant students serve as faculty for a day

DEERING — Each year, teachers and faculty at Dawson-Bryant Elementary turn their duties over to students at as part of the payoff for a fundraising activity for the school.

According to principal Angie Lafon, the school auctions off the position of principal and the each of the schools “Specials” teachers, such as gym instructor, librarian, music and art, at the school PTO’s fall festival.

The winning bids allow the students to step in and enjoy a day on the other side of the education process.

Assuming Lafon’s job on Wednesday was Derek Moore, who Lafon said had done a walk-through of the classrooms, had taken the lunch orders, had a safety check with the school’s resource officer, sent an email to teachers and done the morning announcements.

“He also told the faculty they could leave for the day when the kids leave and he gave the students an extra five minutes of recess,” Lafon said.

Moore’s sister, Miley, won the position of librarian for the day. She had served as principal in the past.

Another position up for auction was that of Rhonda Hall, who Lafon described as the teacher everyone loves.

Taking her duties for the day was Matthew Aldridge. However, there was one complication.

Hall is a huge fan of University of Kentucky sports, while the Aldridge family are boosters of the Ohio State University.

For his duties on Wednesday, Aldridge’s family bought him a UK shirt to wear.

“But his mom said she would burn it when it was over,” Hall joked.

Lafon said the teachers and faculty for the day would be treated to lunch as well.
Others who took part in the event were Anna Reynolds, who was gym teacher; Brianna  Malone and Mason Wheeler, who were art teachers; and brothers Joe and Jack Cremeans, who were music teachers.

Lafon said the event has taken place at the school for about five years.


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