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School can be pathway to success

Hey, kids!

Life is a competition, just like the games you play on your phones or other gadgets.

If you want to win, you have to pay attention and work at it.

Besides maybe sports, the only real game in your life is the grades you get in school.

If you want to consistently outdo your classmates, you have to pay attention and work at it. If you do, your family will be pleased and your classmates will respect you, whether  they say so or not.

Heck, you have to go to school: it’s the law. And it’s free. Sometimes you get a free lunch!

You might as well get something out of it.

You will be glad to tell whoever you’re asking for a job that you were and A and B student to edge out the other applicants.

Trust me, people who have jobs to fill want to give them to someone who can help them succeed at making a profit. It just makes sense.

Your proven willingness to learn, skill, ablility and work ethic is what they are hiring.

Tell yourself this every Monday morning in homeroom to get you started right.

CDR Paul F. Woods , USN (Ret) IHS ‘56, Navajo Trail, Ironton