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Summer fun is coming

On June 29, the sound of string bands will fill the riverfront in Ironton.

It will be because of a music festival, the first event organized by Bob Delong and Ohio River Revival.

Delong, an Ironton native who previously organized Appalachian Uprising, said he hopes the event will help to showcase the arts and creative side of the region.

The lineup will feature 10 bands and run from morning to midnight.

In addition, the event will also feature food, beer and vendor booths from locals.

Delong said he wanted to provide his hometown with a free event where people would not have to buy tickets and invites everyone to the river to enjoy a day of music.

Ohio River Revival is a nonprofit and Delong said everyone on his staff is volunteering their time for the festival. He is currently seeking more volunteers to help out.

We commend the group for organizing something positive for the city and hope this grows into a regular attraction.

If you don’t have plans for that weekend in June, get out and take in some great music and fun times.