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Building strength, from the inside out

We all have this amazing thing built inside of us from the day we are born, it’s called “STRENGTH.” Along with that, we also have CONFIDENCE. Somehow, as we go about our journey through life, we lose sight of it. Maybe it’s the life experiences we go through. We often suffer at the hands of our circumstances and it breaks down our natural sense to feel powerful on the inside.

We’re like a puzzle. Every negative experience we go through takes away a little piece of who we are and before we know it, we have no idea what the picture looked like when it all started. I truly believe, we can put that puzzle back together by refocusing, reflecting, and rebuilding. We just have to allow ourselves to be vulnerable first and admit what’s missing.

Everyday, especially around the beginning of the year, we see people rushing to the gym and starting new diets in the hopes they can change their habits and become healthier. Often, we fail because of injury or we simply give up. We should ask ourselves why. Why start something only to quit halfway through? Maybe we are all too busy or too overwhelmed….or maybe we just don’t believe that we are strong enough to carry out our goals.

We often fail because deep down, we don’t believe in ourselves enough to realize just how much we deserve to be healthy and happy. Think about it, how many times has someone given you a gift and you automatically think that you don’t deserve it? Why do we do that to ourselves? Every gift is a blessing because everything about you is amazing. We all deserve to believe in who we are and have confidence in our uniqueness.

When we are strong and confident, we allow our true selves to shine. When you shine, you add so much more light and love to the world. Think back to a time when you were most confident. For me, it was around my childhood before anyone told me I was too short, or too skinny, or that I just wasn’t adequate enough to belong with my peers.

How wonderful did it feel to play and imagine a world of your own design before opinions started to change how you felt about yourself? I challenge you to find that person again.

The next time you start to give up on yourself, think again about why you started.

Think again about who you truly are deep down. Think again about just how wonderfully made you are. Quiet all of the negative thoughts and old voices that have told you you cannot succeed because you’re not perfect. You are perfect! You are strong and confident. Do not be afraid to embrace your true self. Don’t give up.

The toughest obstacles often come when the best part of our journey is about to begin.



Viviane Vallance is a personal trainer, health coach and yoga instructor working in Lawrence County.