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Park is in need of help

On Thursday, the village of Coal Grove got news that some of the playground equipment in Paul Porter Park was not compliant with state safety codes.

That means that things like a slide, swings and monkey bars have to come out while a newer slide and the playhouse have to be modified.

As officials stated, no one wants to see children who use the park get seriously hurt when they just want to play and have fun.

And they understood that there have been cases where children have died after their clothing got caught on playground equipment and they were strangled to death.

And they want to make the equipment accessible to kids who have physical handicaps.

The village has qualified for a grant that could be used to help fix the problems, but they have to come up with $14,000 in matching money to get that grant.

The Coal Grove Betterment Club will be having fundraisers to help come up with that money and we encourage everyone with kids or grandkids to help support their campaign.

Children should be able to play at a park without their parents being afraid of injuries.

It is good that village leaders are addressing these concerns and, hopefully, individuals and businesses in the surrounding community will help with this effort.