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Strength through darkness

Over the past week, the painful wounds of fall 2017 have been torn open, as the trial of Arron Lawson has been under way in Lawrence County Common Pleas Court.

As prosecution lays out its case and the defense gives its side, detailing the horrific circumstances that led to the murders of four people in Decatur Township, it has been a difficult story for many to read.

Such dark matters are never easy to report, but it is important that the case be presented to the public as it is made in court.

By providing this information, we hope no doubt remains that justice was served and that, when the panel of judges decides Lawson’s fate regarding the crimes he has admitted to carrying out, the community can understand how such a ruling was reached and what the rationale behind it was.

And, as the trial date approached, there were many myths and rumors circulating on social media, and it is imperative that these falsehoods be quashed and that the facts are available for the public.

It is our hope that the families of Stacey Jackson Holston, Devin Holston, Tammie McGuire and Donald McGuire will be able to find some closure once the proceedings taking place this week come to an end.

We extend our sincere condolences to the relatives and friends of these victims, pray for them to have strength in the days and years to come and hope they know that the community in Lawrence County stands with them.