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Rock Hill schools deserve an arts center

Last Thursday evening, my wife and I witnessed Rock Hill’s best in action when we saw a production musical performance of “Footloose.”

We were part of several hundred guests, parents, grandparents and students. I was sitting there with my wife enjoying watching wonderfully-talented high schoolers at their best.

They deserved more than a thunderous standing ovation.

Now! What do I mean?

I’ve had the blessing of being a Rock Hill School board member for over a decade and I have voiced my feelings for an arts center.

It was talked about, and there was not anyone, quite frankly, who I felt was opposed. Yet, we are no closer to getting it accomplished.

We saw the such tremendous need Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The students are to be commended for working and putting on this production in such a small, inadequate, cramped arena.

Hats off to all the attendees who sat for over two hours in hard folding chairs on a level floor, cramped together, moving their heads around the people in front, while all the time trying to hear every word.

Not having a fine arts center for many will not bother some, however, it bothers me as a graduate of Rock Hill, teacher, assistant principal, coach and school board member.

I have nine meetings left as a board member, but I will always be a part of Redmen Nation. We have athletic facilities second to none.

So! Why not reward future Redmen and Redwomen with a fine arts center that will be second to none.

I am only one.

Somehow, I have a feeling that there may be possibly more who are with me.

Thank you, Mrs. Rhonda Pemberton, Mr. Sam Gue, administration, faculty, parents and most of all, the students of Rock Hill.

God bless and Semper Fi.


Dennis Hankins, Rock Hill School Board