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It is time for change

Anyone driving down Ironton’s Third Street will notice the front of some buildings being renovated.

The old Kresge’s building has parts of the facing being replaced.

And the building that houses attorneys Craig Allen and Scott Evans recently got a facelift, with brown siding and white trim on the building’s front.

Work is being done on a building on the corner of Vernon and Third streets.

Last year, the empty windows of the Brumberg Building were decorated by Ironton High School students and the City Center replaced ragged awnings with new bright blue ones for Memorial Day.

These are all good signs. The Ironton City Council and others have talked about the revitalization of downtown. It is a slow, and expensive, process to make the area look as good as it once did.

But, with all the effort so many took to restore the Ro-Na Theater from a collapsing building into a well-used community resource, we know it can be done.

So we commend all the owners who are making their buildings look good again.

Beautification can only help attract businesses to a place with many great buildings and lots of potential.


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