Stronger social bonds

Published 1:37 pm Wednesday, April 10, 2019

On Thursday, several dozen people took part in the walk and rally organized by Impact Prevention to raise awareness and to prevent suicides.
One of the goals of organizers is to promote greater social inclusion and connectedness, in order to build a better sense of community.
It is an unfortunate irony that, in a time in which the world is more connected than ever digitally, we are at risk of losing the personal connections that create positive life experiences and a sense of isolation can develop for many.
By strengthening community, it is possible that we can all reach out to those who are suffering from depression and most at-risk of taking their own life.
The rally is but the kickoff for many events Impact Prevention has planned throughout the county.
Events are set for April 15 at Spare Time and April 27 at the Ro-Na in Ironton.
In addition, the group will also be hosting a teen camp in May.
We hope they can build off its success and turnout and we encourage everyone to get in touch with them and to get involved in this noble cause.

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