Free Fishing Days is this weekend

Published 1:48 pm Thursday, May 2, 2019

Any Ohio resident looking to catch a few fish this weekend are in luck as the Ohio Department of Natural Resources is having its annual Free Fishing Days on Saturday and Sunday.

The event offers Ohioans the opportunity to fish in any of the state’s public waters without buying a license. Free Fishing Days are open to all Ohio residents and extends to all state public waters. That includes the Ohio River and Wayne National Forest’s Lake Vesuvius, which was recently stocked with 5,000 rainbow trout.

The Free Fishing Days weekend offers Ohioans of all ages the chance to experience the joys of fishing. ODNR said that if you are considering introducing a child, neighbor or coworker to fishing, this is the time. Choose a pond, lake or stream where the person can easily catch a few fish. A spin-cast reel is usually easier for a beginner to pick up and use.

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Keep the trip short, and helping the person dehook their fish, bait their lines and taking pictures just might land you a new fishing buddy.

ODNR asks people to consider getting a fishing license after the Free Fishing Days weekend. The sale of fishing licenses, along with the Sport Fish Restoration program, continue to fund ODNR Division of Wildlife fish management operations. No state tax dollars are used for these activities. These are user-pay, user-benefit programs.