Day care situation is another step down

Published 8:52 am Friday, July 26, 2019

Sad to see we’ll soon lose an 80-slot children’s day care center on short notice.

Guess that will result in 20-30 families losing a sole or supporting breadwinner.

Oh well, the family can break up, so the mother (or father) can go on welfare and Medicaid and the city can lose a few more income tax dollars.

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Can’t wait to see the mayor and city council members wringing their hands over this one!

It goes along with our not having a pool or dog park, or smooth streets or a sewage system not under threat from the federal government to fine us out of existence

Question: How is it that Flatwoods, Kentucky can have nice small ones and Ironton cannot?

Is there a long-range plan to improve the quality of life here or must we sit idly by until everyone is eking out a living on welfare, Social Security, dead, or moved away?

Is there any long-range plan, other than,“Vote for me and I won’t raise your taxes or your fees?”   

Doesn’t anyone think the citizens might be receptive to increased payments if they thought the money was promised to go to something worthwhile? “

V/R CDR Paul Woods,
USN (Ret)