Speed enforcement starts Thursday: Program starts with 30-day warning period

Published 8:42 am Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Tomorrow is the day that the Village of Coal Grove will begin its program of targeting speeding vehicles with a manned photo laser speed.

Coal Grove police officers will use a device from their car that can capture a photo of the speeding vehicle, and later, if a supervisor approves the civil violation, the registered owner of the vehicle will get a citation mailed to them.

Fines start at $125 for most roads and fines for speeding violations in school or construction zones start at $150.

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The police officer can still pull someone over and issue a uniform citation. The advantage of a civil citation is that, unlike a uniform citation, points will not be assessed to the driver and won’t be reported to the driver’s insurance company.

The program begins with a 30-day warning period. Citations issued during this period will not include a fine, but rather serve as notice that the program is underway.

After the warning period ends on Aug. 31, violators will have 30 days to pay the fine by mail, Internet or by phone. If it isn’t paid, the citations can be sent to collections. The registered owners of the violating vehicles can go to municipal court to contest the charge. The law states that a person who is issued the ticket may contest the ticket by filing a written request for a municipal court hearing to review the citation. Citations may be contested through due process, as approved by the Ohio Supreme Court.