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MLB to celebrate Players’ Weekend

Staff Report

The uniforms will be black and white, but they will be far from dull thanks to the players.
In a new twist on what has quickly become a vibrant event, Major League Baseball’s Players’ Weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday is an opportunity for players to showcase their passions, backgrounds and interests by putting their personal touches, including nicknames, on what they wear and the equipment they use.
Players will paint their personalities for the weekend-long event planned jointly by Major League Baseball and the MLB Players’ Association.
Players’ Weekend is back for a third year, giving big leaguers an opportunity to connect with the fans in fun and engaging ways through their jerseys and equipment.

Aristides Aquino: “PJ”
Aquino was called “The Punisher,” growing up, but he will use “PJ” which stands for “Punisher Junior.”
Joey Votto: “WHO”
Perhaps the cleverest of Players’ Weekend names. The first baseman channeled Abbott and Costello’s classic “Who’s on First?” comedy routine. During the weekend, “Who” will actually be on first base. For those fans who have never heard of Abbott and Costello, the comedy duo have a famous routine that can be found on YouTube.
Tucker Barnhart: “TUCK”
Trevor Bauer: “J OCHART”
Bauer lost a bet to Jason Ochart, a hitting instructor at Driveline Baseball, where he works out in the offseason. Ochart is also the Minor League hitting coordinator for the Phillies’ organization.
Luis Castillo: “LA PIEDRA”
Castillo’s nickname translates from Spanish to English as “the rock,” because it’s like he’s throwing stones past hitters.
Anthony DeSclafani: “DISCO”
It’s been DeSclafani’s nickname since before he arrived to Cincinnati.
Derek Dietrich: “DIETZ”
Phillip Ervin: “MAGIC”
One of the all-time great NBA players is Earvin “Magic” Johnson. Phillip Ervin hopes he has some magic in his game as well.
Kyle Farmer: “FARM DAWG”
Amir Garrett: “COUNT ON AG”
Kevin Gausman: “GAUSY”
Sonny Gray: “GRAY”
Jose Iglesias: “CANDELITA”
Iglesias’ father’s name is Candelario, which translates in English to candle. Iglesias’ nickname is “little candle,” and he has T-shirts printed with that name that some teammates wear in the clubhouse.
Raisel Iglesias: “OLIVER”
Michael Lorenzen: “ZEN”
Jose Peraza: “MY LITTLE ONES”
Nick Senzel: “LIL SENZ”
Lucas Sims: “LOOSH”
Robert Stephenson: “BOB”
Eugenio Suarez: “BOLIBOMBA SUAREZ”
Bolibomba is a type of chewing gum that is popular in Suarez’s home nation of Venezuela. He is known for blowing gigantic bubbles while on the field for the Reds.
Josh VanMeter: “MEAT SAUCE”
Jesse Winker: “BIRD”
Winker wears No. 33, which is also the number that belonged to Boston Celtics great and basketball Hall of Famer Larry Bird.
Alex Wood: “AWOOD”