Land Transfers – 8/28/2019

Published 9:01 am Wednesday, August 28, 2019

• Robert J. Marks to Sarah P. Marcum, Kitts Hill, $10,000.

• Chimera REO 2018- NR1 LLC to 2019 Castle LLC, Ironton, $10,300.

• Samantha J. and Justin M. Lister to Debbie S. Crager, Proctorville, $96,000.

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• Park Avenue Development LLC to Michael L. and Myrtle R. Nelson, Kitts Hill, $97,700.

• Carolyn Kay Martin to Jeff and Casandra Humphrey, Kitts Hill, $130,000.

• IL JK LLC to Ironton OH 0817 LLC, Ironton, $885,000.

• Sally J. Harless to Bradley and DeAnna Allen, South Point, $120,000.

• Charlotte and Eddie Black to William Black, Chesapeake, $65,000.

• Shirley Bond to David A. Gierens and Priscilla R. Saffran, South Point, $139,000.

• William E. Daniel to Adam P. and Marisa J. Hock, South Point, $232,500.

• Estate of Joyce Marie Rodgers to Howard F. Parsons, Ironton, $88,000.

• Estate of Mary E. Smith to Gregory Swarts, Coal Grove, $23,333.33

• David Michael and Rebecca L. Wells, Debra Joy and Ivan R. Hanshaw, and Connie Sue and William L. Perkey to Bobby L. Marcum, South Point, $41,000.

• James A. Montgomery to Nicole L. Whitten, Chesapeake, $127,000.

• Timothy Crank to Jeremey S. Crank, Ironton, $1,260.

• Deborah B. Meehan to Christopher J. and Mary P. Monnig, Ironton, $600.

• Dorothy Pinkerman to William D. and Kimberely A. Alford, Ironton, $12,500.

• Terrance D. Abner to Charles B. and William K. Abner, Hanging Rock, $58,000.