A great addition to city

Published 8:12 am Wednesday, September 4, 2019

We commend the City of Ironton for its continued efforts to improve the area around the Ohio River.

While some people may not be excited for a mile-long walking/running/bike path that runs from the Center Street landing to a small park at Storms Creek, it does give people a place to ride their bikes or walk without having to deal with cars and trucks on the roadway.

Some complain that the money used for the path and the new concrete seating cut into the hill at the Center Street landing should have gone to repairing potholes on roads, but it can’t be done that way

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The grant money came from Clean Ohio and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and has to be used for specific purposes to attract people to be outdoor areas and cannot be used for maintenance of roadways.

The pathway is a fine addition to Ironton and lets people get a great view of the Ohio River that they might not get by just sitting and watching the barges roll by.

We thank the city for getting a grant to enjoy the outdoors in a different way and hope that everyone takes the opportunity to get some exercise and enjoy the beauty of nature.