Truck recovered from Ohio River: Man uninjured trying to stop vehicle

Published 8:53 am Thursday, September 5, 2019

A man is lucky to be uninjured after trying to stop his truck from rolling into the Ohio River on Monday at Ironton’s Center Street Landing.

“Apparently, this guy pulls up and his dog is in the truck and the dog jumps out,” said Ironton Police Detective Captain Joe Ross. “He told us he put the truck in park, but we are not sure that he did. So, the truck ends up rolling down the bank into the river.”

Ross said that the man was in front of the truck and tried to stop it. Instead, he was pushed into the Ohio River.

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“When the truck went into the river, he went into the river too,” Ross said. “He swam out of the river. He had a couple scrapes, but he was uninjured. I can’t believe he tried to stop it. He was lucky. No one was injured, so everything is good.”

Since the truck went into the Ohio River, the Russell Police Department and a couple of the fire departments were called in because Kentucky has jurisdiction over the river.

“They came over and pulled the truck out of the river. Anything that goes into that river, that is their jurisdiction,” Ross said, adding the Ohio and Kentucky agencies cooperate well with each other.

“It makes it tough sometimes when things happen on our banks and then goes into the river,” Ross said. “But we work really well together, it is a really good relationship.”