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Still in need of a home

On Monday, the cat shack at the Lawrence County Animal Shelter reopened to the public.

The room had been closed for a few weeks, after a confirmed case of the FP virus was reported with a cat that had been adopted, then returned.

Fortunately, the shelter took action and worked to treat all of the cats at the facility.

While the quarantine was in effect, the entire room was thoroughly cleaned and all of the cats were given the shots needed to vaccinate them against the virus.

FP requires four shots, given in a cat’s early months, then, depending on an animal’s health, more are given in later life.

The virus is commonly found in the wild and is something many cats will encounter in their lifetime.

In addition to treatment of the cats, donations helped to pay for spay and neuter of four of the cats there.

In total, there are now 40 cats at the facility, who are now ready new adopt.

We are thankful the shelter worked to alleviate this problem and we hope people will consider taking a cat and giving it a forever home.