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Levy will allow needed help to continue

My son, Lennon Allen, is now in his third year at the Open Door School.

We had previously moved from West Virginia with one major factor being getting him in the Open Door School.

My son is seven years old, nonverbal, self injurious and is on the low functioning side of the autism spectrum. Public school for him was always my biggest fear.

It takes a lot to care for my son, and it also takes a lot of trust for me to feel comfortable.

  With a lot of adapting to him and figuring out his quirks, I can honestly say I fully trust the staff there with my son, and love that he can have such a focus on what he really needs in life just to get by comfortably.

The IEP curriculum is broken down in such a way that he’s learning basic skills before anything else and the staff there work so hard with him and genuinely love and accept him.

  With Lawrence County DD, I also have a guiding hand for him as he grows up, and as his mother, that’s all I could ever hope for.

This levy is so important to everyone with any type of disability to have access to help with people who know what to do and how to help loved ones and individuals with disabilities try their best at a normal life, just like everyone else.

Emily Allen, parent