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Gaskin has won over voter with leadership ability

Four years ago, I supported another candidate for South Point mayor.

It was nothing personal against Jeff Gaskin, but rather because the village had just been through a situation involving a very embarrassing and public scandal that resulted in the administrator’s resignation. I believed we needed a mayor with managerial experience and success who could right the ship.

The last four years have shown that I was wrong and that Jeff was indeed qualified to lead the village out of that embarrassing situation.

He kept in place a successful administrator who actually works for the village residents and responds timely to their concerns. Jeff and his administration work tirelessly for the village’s betterment.

During a storm earlier this spring, Jeff assessed the damage in my neighborhood and helped residents clear debris from their property. During a water line break in my neighborhood, Jeff worked side by side with the crew in the very early morning hours so that residents’ water service could be restored before they left for work.

Jeff was instrumental in securing a large grant to install sidewalks in high-traffic areas and he continues to keep public utilities costs low.

His policies have kept the fire rating low, so residents continue to experience low home insurance costs.

The police department is second to none in the county, as we have experienced a drop in crime during his administration. He is forward-thinking and is always looking for ways to cut costs while maintaining services. His village management style is poised to keep great things coming to the village and I wholeheartedly support his re-election.

Elections are about choices. This November, the choice is easy—vote to keep Jeff Gaskin as mayor because he provides residents with attitude-less action every day.

David Classing

South Point