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Chesapeake mayor’s race tied in unofficial results

Recount, drawing may occur if results stay even

CHESAPEAKE — While most of Lawrence County had to wait until early Wednesday to hear the results of races in the Tuesday’s election, it looks like voters in Chesapeake will be waiting a bit longer.

With all precincts reporting, incumbent mayor Tommy Templeton was tied with Kim Oldaker in unofficial results, with each getting 77 votes, or 39.9 percent each. Michael Ferguson was in third place with 39 votes or 20.21 percent.

Templeton, who was seeking a second term said there has been one other time that he knows of where there has been a tie in the mayor’s race.

His father Robert Templeton, was in a similar situation in 1963.

“To my knowledge, this is the second time this has happened,” Templeton said. “They had a coin flip. I remember they had him come to the board of elections, and he lost.”

He said, according to Ohio revised code, a winner in tied results would be chosen by drawing lots.

“They would put two names into a hat,” Templeton said.

Craig Allen, chair of the Lawrence County Board of Elections, said that would be the last step.

First, he said, if there is still a tie after results are certified, including provisional and absentee ballots, a recount would take place.

Then, he said, if the tie remains, they would go to a drawing, in a public setting.

Templeton said he has heard there may be four provisional ballots that have not been counted, which could break a tie.

He also assured voters, regardless of the result, that the village would operate as normal.

“It will be business as usual here until Dec. 31,” he said of the date of the end of the current mayoral term.

Election results will be certified in 10 days. Oldaker could not be reached for comment on this story.

In other Chesapeake results, a familiar face will be returning to village council.

Paul Hart, who retired two years ago, came in first in unofficial results, with 128 votes, winning one of two seats.

He faced two incumbent council members, Kenny Wolfe, who came in second with 110 votes, taking the other seat, and Randy Penix, who was defeated with 65 votes.