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Take time to honor WWII vets

On Monday, a group of morning regulars at McDonald’s in Ironton surprised to of their members with a birthday celebration.

Lawrence Rudmann, who took part in the Normandy landing in France turned 97, while Korean War vet Bill Kerns turned 84.

Both men are well liked by the community, as was evident in the day’s celebration.

And the effort to honor Rudmann serves as a reminder of an upcoming milestone.

This spring marks 75 years since V-E Day, ending the war in Europe, while August will be the anniversary for V-J Day, ending the Pacific war and the entire conflict.

Despite the time passed, here in Lawrence County, there are many World War II veterans still with us, many still active in their communities.

We owe so much those who fought to beat back the forces of Nazism and fascism, freeing much of the world from their grip.

In coming months, take the time to thank the veterans you know for their service and honor them on this milestone.