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Bowling Club becomes sanctioned: Adheres to Ohio High School Athletic Association

SOUTH POINT — While bowling at South Point High School has been around for a number of years, the South Point Board of Education has recently approved the team to become a sanctioned sport.

All of the sanctioned bowling teams in the county adhere to the Ohio High School Athletic Association regulations. Now that the team is sanctioned, the students will be able to participate in tournaments on various levels, including the state tournament, as well as have scholarship opportunities.

The bowling team at South Point has continuously grown and gained more interest every year.  Over the past two years, there have been approximately 40 students attend tryouts and show interest in this sport. This year the teams consist of six varsity boys, seven varsity girls and a combination of 20 junior varsity members.

Senior Zoe Laslo has been on the bowling team for two years.  She also is in the South Point Marching Band and says that it is a nice activity to participate in the marching band’s off season.

“I went to tryouts initially because some of my friends were in the club and they were having so much fun,” she said. “I didn’t realize how competitive it was until I made the team.”

Zoe said that seeing their coach, Mr. Stewart, be excited for the team to become sanctioned made her even more excited about this year’s team.

There are several other schools in the local area that compete on Saturday mornings at Spare Time Recreation in Ironton.