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Brown’s office hosts roundtable: Senator sits on Senate Veterans’ Committee

Staff of U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, staff traveled to Ironton Thursday to meet with Ohio veterans.

Veterans from Lawrence County attended the roundtable and Brown’s office organized the event with the Lawrence County Veterans Service Office.

Brown’s office said they will take the veterans’ priorities back to Washington, where the senator sits on the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

As Sen. Brown’s office continues to convene roundtables for Ohio’s veterans, Brown office said the senator is also speaking out against recent comments made by President Donald Trump, who he said recently downplayed the impact of head trauma suffered by service members in the line of duty.

“Our veterans answered the call to serve, and we have a responsibility to make sure they have everything they need to support their families, care for their health, and land good-paying jobs as they transition to civilian life,” Brown in a news release.

As a member of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, Brown has long fought to improve the lives of Ohio veterans. Some of his recent actions include:

Brown’s office pointed to work the senator has done on behalf of veterans while serving on the committee, including passing legislation to help Ohio veterans exposed to Agent Orange, legislation to prevent VA from punishing veterans for its accounting mistakes and holding a committee hearing on “Toxic Exposure: Examining VA’s Presumptive Disability Decision-Making Process” at his request:

Brown is the longest-serving U.S. Senator from Ohio on the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.