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Putting a stop to the scam

With technology and the digital era, there are many benefits, such as the ability to stay connected more than ever or increased access to information.

But, of course, there are downsides as well – and one of those is the exponential growth of robocalls, with scammers constantly hammering people’s land lines and cell phones.

This week, the Social Security Administration took action on this. The agency is filing lawsuits against companies that help spread scams that claim a person’s SSA account has been suspended.

Injunctions were filed against five telecommunications companies and their owners, alleging they knowingly facilitated imposter telephone scams.

We are glad to hear that something is being done about what is, at best, a nuisance and, at worst, a predatory scam that takes advantage of many.

It is our hope that this prods more companies to increase vigilance about scammers using their services and leads to a broader crackdown.