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Strength through diversity

“Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization.”

— Mahatma Gandhi

On Friday, students at Ironton’s elementary and middle schools took part in two assemblies celebrating differences.

At the urging of principal Joe Rowe, the third grade put on a play, called “Color My World,” directed by Ashland’s finance director Krista Martin.

The play, about two kids who are playing tag and seeking more people for games. When one of their friends brings along five friends, the pair refuse to play with them because they look different. However, after their friend points out their behavior is wrong, they get together to play.

The play was accompanied by speeches on the subject and, as teacher Nikki Holt said, the aim was to teach students that was is on the inside counts most.

Bullying remains a major issue in all schools, with students often targeted due to race, economic status, disabilities and other ways the majority feels they do not fit in.

We are thankful that faculty in Ironton schools  are working to combat this problem and teach acceptance and inclusion at all levels.