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Holliday is best pick for commission

There is a biblical quote that was often used in our home growing up, so I use it frequently as a counselor, a supervisor and a mom, “to whom much is given, much will be required.”

As a friend of hers for twenty plus years now, DeAnna has embodied this quote as a wife, mom, business owner, board member and now, commissioner in our county. She does not “sit” on the board of commissioners; but has been active, doing whatever is needed to make our county and communities better.

Being truthful, I did not want to see my friend in politics. It can be mean-spirited at times and truly has been for years. I saw it in my own family and how lies and assumptions can be misconstrued as facts. Here are a few facts I personally know about DeAnna:

• She is a person of great character. She may be private with her personal life (and should be), but she is honorable, truthful and transparent in her professional and political endeavors.

• She is a loyal friend, mother, wife and grandmother in every way in her personal life. She loves her family with all her heart and puts them first.

• She can be unwavering when she needs to be. She listens to opinions of others, becomes informed and bases her opinion on fact. No one coming to her with any innuendos about someone will get her to turn away from what she believes is right.

• She is beautiful. I reserve this statement for people who embody a spirit of wellness, kindness, and love for all, who are grateful, who are physically pretty/healthy and use all those qualities for good in the world.

• She is smart. Never underestimate someone who is beautiful and smart.

I would vote for her whether she was my friend or not, but I am writing this because she is my friend  and there are facts that needed to be stated about her before the primary March 17. She is someone who has the qualities and the experience to lead our county in a comeback. Be a part of “being the change” by voting for DeAnna Holliday this election.

Tomi McKnight-Blankenship

Coal Grove