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Caring for our Community: NAME: Heather Whitman

Heather Whitman

What is your vision for the community? I would like to see a community that is healthy, happy and open to new ideas. Change is scary, but I believe we need to consider trying something new to help our area grow.
Who or what inspired you to be a change maker in our community? When I graduated, I noted that many of my classmates had left the area, never to return. Jobs, spouses, etc. drew them away. Born and raised here, I wanted to stay in the area and was delighted to find a career that allowed me to do so. I am hoping we can build this community so that others are able to make the same choice.
How long have you been involved in your current work? I started out as a volunteer in 2007 and was hired in 2010.
What project have you contributed to that you’re most proud of? In 2019, I started Artist’s Corner, a rotating art gallery that permits local artists to submit their work for display. I felt this was a desperate need for both the museum and the great talent we have in our community.
What do you see as our community’s greatest need? We need individuals who are open to change. Negativity and dismissing every idea that is proposed isn’t helpful. If we want things to improve, we need to be willing to try.
How would your co-workers describe you? I hope they would say that I am always willing to lend a hand wherever and whenever I can. That I am easy-going, friendly and hard working.
Who is your biggest role model and why? I would say my father, Darryl Akers. He worked at the same job in Ashland for 40 years before retiring. He loves this area. Any advice on work ethic, customer service and life in general I get from him.
Where did you attend school? I attended Ashland Community and Technical College before moving to Morehead State University to complete my degree.
What do you enjoy doing for fun? I love being outside and especially enjoy hiking. So grateful for Lake Vesuvius nearby, Central Park and the new Charles and Betty Russell hiking trails. Indoors I enjoy reading and making things with my heads-be it crochet, scrap booking or drawing.
What is one thing your people may not know about you? I’ve been told I’m very good at giving tours at the museum. It is something that I’ve grown over the years to be able to do as speaking in front of others has long been one of my greatest fears.