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Letter to the editor: Hacker an excellent choice for commission

I am the normal citizen of Lawrence County. I vote, and I have since I was 18 (maybe that was about 26 years ago). I take that right very seriously.

I live and work and breathe and pay taxes in Lawrence County. And I care very much about my county and city. During recent years, since my return home here to Lawrence County, I made a commitment to take the time to get to know the local people running for office, those who will lead us, before I cast my votes.

This election cycle, a primary, has been quite ripe with drama.

I found myself face-to-face with some very serious rumors about a current elected official running for re election. One thing I really dislike is gossip, rumors and slander. So, I set out to disprove some rumors with some good, old-fashioned facts.

As far as the original rumors, those are not able to be proved or disproved, but time will certainly tell on that one. However, one doesn’t have to look too deep into the ashes of the Phoenix to see from wence it rose.

So, to continue in my quest to prove my favorite candidate spotless, I decided to see what the opponent was all about. Was he just another handsome face with a thirst for power? I was sure he was. I was very much wrong. Let me share how I arrived there.

I first decided to head to the fire department in Hecla where Shawn Hacker was rumored to be found at that day. Also, chili contest. Yum. OK, so after I tried all the chilis, I made my way to Shawn Hacker, and after introducing myself and overcoming his stunningly good looks, which I am sure he will use for the good of the county, I realized I could talk to him all day. As well as all my friends, my pastor, small children and grandmas.

What did I learn from this open book of refreshing air? He is a lifelong resident of Lawrence County, genuinely loves his hometown, loves the people of the county, is a hard worker, a veteran, owns his home and pays his taxes, and has an adorable dog named Sergeant.

Young and old alike, he inspires our loyalty and support. I did ask him that day about the rumors regarding his opponent.
He simply said, I don’t know anything about that, I don’t know my opponent personally, and I prefer to stay in my lane and promote what I myself can do for the county if elected.

Well, OK. I went on to attend his meet and greet, where I met his parents, and supporters of all types and kinds, where I was won over for good.

Its time for a change in Lawrence County. My vote goes to Shawn Hacker. For the people, not the power. Truly a man who means what he says.

Julie Pate