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Looking out for others

This week, Dollar General and a few other national chain announced that they would be setting aside the first hour of their business day for elderly shoppers during the state of emergency regarding the coronavirus.

Ideally, seniors, who are the most at risk, should refrain from going out altogether, there will, inevitably, be some cases where elderly residents need necessities and may have no other option.

It is good that the chain is implementing this policy, allowing older shoppers access to the freshly-stocked store in the mornings, as they likely do not have the ability to run around the region, chasing elusive items like toilet paper.

But the larger issue remains — those 60 and older are considered the most at risk to the coronavirus, with death rates highest in those over the age of 80.

If you have an older relative, check in with them regularly and offer to do shopping for them. The same goes for neighbors. If there is an older person on your street, introduce yourself and make the offer to help.

The state of emergency is going to require a lot of everyone and we should make sure that those who need help the most are not put at risk.